Naturally Conscious  •   Softness Cotton   •   Ecofriendly Lover

Our History

We have always been passionate about nature and especially trees, which is why we called our brand Maathai Organic, in honor of Wangari Maathai founder of the Green Belt Movement. It was founded in 2013 and is driven by the idea of associating the sale of each product with an environmental or social action, so Maathai Organic donates a tree in the Amazon or contribute to a social cause.


Our Inspiration

Inspired by the softness and comfort of one of the finest and special fibers in the world, the Organic Pima creating a complete cotton lingerie line, showing off its exceptional shine and unique softness. This cotton is grown in Peru’s fertile valleys, free of all types of pesticides and chemicals that are not certified by the GOTS standards and also its organic production methods are certified by The European Union (EU).

Our Philosophy

We believe that we are all united by the responsibility of caring for and protecting our greatest treasures, our trees that are home to more than 80% of animal and plant species.

We as a business for profit that we have the power to help heal the environmental damage.

By associating each product sold to a cause, we join our beliefs with our business and fulfill our promise through our company to contribute and positively impact our environment.

We do this because we believe that together with our customers we can make small actions reflected in major changes in the future. More significantly, we believe that companies have the opportunity to influence the real and meaningful change. We look for people around the world who believe in our philosophy and thus show that we can create solutions through responsible and honest actions.