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Why should you choose organic cotton underwear?

Why should you choose organic cotton underwear?

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How should women's underwear be washed to avoid infection? - Maathai Organic
Frau Vulva

How should women's underwear be washed to avoid infection?

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How can the type of intimate apparel we wear affect us? - Maathai Organic
Frau Vulva

How can the type of intimate apparel we wear affect us?

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Organic undies

Ways we call our underwear

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What is my best choice of underwear?

Women have been wearing underwear for centuries, but the advent of cotton changed everything.

Cotton is soft and breathable, making it an ideal material to wear under all types of clothing.

Today, there are a wide variety of styles of cotton underwear for women.

From briefs, thongs, jazz pants, boxer shorts, bikinis to bralettes and everything in between, you can find the perfect garment to fit your shape and size.

At Maathai Organic, we recommend wearing organic cotton underwear for activities that involve a lot of sweating or urine leakage because our fabrics absorb excess moisture better than thicker materials such as synthetics.

This keeps the skin around the vulva clean and comfortable all day long. Since moisture can alter bacteria levels in this sensitive area of the body, choosing organic Pima cotton panties can help reduce this risk significantly.

How to select my underwear and for what occasion?

If you find a garment that has these three qualities, take it!

Sometimes we focus more on the design of the garment and how it would look, we forget that we will live with it for some time and that it can bring benefits or problems both health and environmental and physical (Among these are itching, allergies and can also deform the body, creating some "chubby", etc.).

So when choosing your underwear, take into account that they comply with the above characteristics and additionally follow these recommendations:

*Look at the material:Try to always choose underwear that is composed of cotton and if it is organic cotton much better.
In addition, this material is highly recommended for essential underwear that is part of our everyday life, so it is breathable and comfortable, you can also use this textile in garments for sports such as tops and briefs, of course these will be mixed with elastic components and absorb sweat.

* Choose garments that give you comfort and convenience:

The last thing we want is to be uncomfortable, itchy, irritated and sore.

For this reason it is important to select garments that give you comfort and security when using them, this should take precedence over the design, except on occasions when what we are looking for in particular is related to sensuality and passion, as it is in lingerie, which aims at the design and how it looks on us, here when it is not so important the issue of comfort, because taking into account that it will be used in certain situations and not daily, however we can find clothes with both attributes, which leads us to the following.

*Choosing the right size and shape: This recommendation is one of the most essential because it involves knowing our body to avoid bad moments and possible health problems in the future, including a vaginal infection.

One of the main issues we have with underwear is that they size us, mark our skin, leaving us certain deformities in body mass, looking like fatties, is the case of bras and some panties that squeeze us, not to mention that tight panties are prone to cause vaginal infections.

In addition, we can also stylize and improve our figure if we choose the right size and shape, both bras and panties. Now you can choose appropriate underwear according to the occasion, such as:

*For every day: we recommend using cotton underwear, comfortable and breathable, simple without seams or with embroidery and any color, it is totally valid, just like any design, as long as you let your vagina and breasts breathe.

*For sports: cotton underwear is also the best choice for this occasion, for the same reason as above and because your body will be at a higher body temperature than normal, it is imperative that your vagina breathe and not be with clothing that generates moisture, you can also use lycra.

*A special night: for this type of occasions, lace, and underwear with seams and embroidery is ideal or what we call lingerie, here the material does not necessarily have to cotton, but if you find garments of this style with this material Great!

Because due to the purpose of these garments, which do not involve prolonged use or daily use the risk of contracting a vaginal infection is not so high, although it exists. You can go from thongs to hipsters to culottes, as long as they have lace.

*A dress or transparent clothing: Here it is essential that you feel comfortable and safe, we recommend clothing such as lace hipsters and invisible nude panties to prevent them from being seen and at the same time you feel comfortable and safe.

* For menstruation: We usually use the oldest or least favorite underwear for this time of the month, because of the issue of possible stains and so on.

It is one way to deal with these problems, but there are also special panties for this type of flow, if you prefer not to use them, and you are more of a menstrual cup or cloth towels, we recommend using hipster type panties, classic and organic cotton panties.

What is the best soap to wash my underwear?

It is obviously easier to wash our cotton underwear with soaps that are perfume-free, as these contain chemicals to remove dirt (enzymes) and at the same time chemicals to scent the clothes with fragrances that can cause irritations and allergies in the vagina.

Organic cotton underwear is one of the most comfortable types of underwear you can buy. Not only does this type of underwear feel great against your skin, but it is also incredibly breathable and helps keep moisture away from your body.

But when it comes to taking care of them, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

* Hand wash:
The best way to keep garments looking like new is to handwash them with a neutral soap; if you don't know why you should use this type of soap, here's why. If for some reason you can't handwash your garments, use the delicate program in the washing machine to prevent the fibers from weakening and wearing out faster than normal.

*Don't squeeze hard: Squeezing these garments hard will only make them baggy over time due to the fact that squeezing can deform them and in a wet state it's difficult for them to remember their original state along with their elasticity.

*Leave them to dry in the shade, not in direct sunlight:

Ideally they should be dried in the shade, so they take a little longer to dry because exposing them to direct sunlight can wear out the colors and over time they will look old and worn.

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