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3 myths about organic underwear that you didn't know about

3 myths about organic underwear that you didn't know about

When you think of organic underwear what's the first thing you think of?
Maybe some of those thoughts have to do with: It's disposable, it's boring, it's unstylish, it's hard to get, it's expensive, it's low in color, among other things....

Of course, that is, as long as you haven't used organic underwear before.

Now, if I got one or more right... Ding, Ding, Ding is that I'm a witch (okey not) but this post is for you! if not, well, it doesn't matter, you can keep reading to clear your doubts.

Before I start, I want to add that organic cotton underwear is not just for "hippies", in fact the sense of using this type of garments goes far beyond this. There are several designs and collections that are coming out. Of course, responsibly.
Believe me there is versatility in these, which shows us that it is not necessarily exclusive for "hippie" people, because you can find a design that suits your taste.

With the disclaimer over, let's continue with what we are interested in.

First myth: It is disposable.

NO! Organic underwear is not disposable. On the contrary, it is specially created to last longer. So that it has more postures and you use it more. Because first, it is not subjected to chemical processes, which weaken the fibers.

Second, the fundamentals of sustainable and organic clothing are to generate the least possible negative impact on the planet. This means generating textiles of better quality and durability, so as not to mass-produce and generate the disastrous impact that we are currently witnessing thanks to Fast Fashion.

However, the durability of the garment also depends on you and the care you give it, so it can last for many years.

Finally, when the garment's life time is over and you decide to discard it, we advise you to throw it in the green "organic" container or in the gray "usable" one. Organic cotton takes about 2 months to decompose. Too fast for a fabric, isn't it?

Second myth: It's boring, no style, few colors and patterns. It looks worn out or old.

This myth has something to do with the disclaimer above. Part of the reason people think that organic underwear is only for hippies, is precisely because they have the imaginary that the designs are boring, there is no variety of colors, it is believed that it looks worn and thin, as if it were of poor quality.

As a result, many people shy away from the experience of having organic cotton underwear in their closet.

But let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth than this. Actually in Maathai Organic, we are inspired by sensuality and comfort to create our garments, also in that they adapt to the anatomy of the body of real women.

Likewise, the textures are pleasant and do not look worn or old, on the contrary, they make you feel that you are wearing quality cotton.

Regarding colors, we have a range of basic colors to match everything, however, organic clothing in general can have many colors, either taken naturally from the cotton fiber or by natural colorizations.

Third myth: It is difficult to get organic underwear in Colombia.

Many times I have asked my friends and acquaintances why they have not tried organic underwear. One of the answers and the most heard, is that here in Colombia they have not seen stores or places to buy it.

I want to tell you that here we are, you can start trying our products (We ship all over Colombia). However, you can also find several Colombian brands that are joining the supply of this type of underwear. It is a matter of searching in google and you will find the information.

Of course, the market is still growing, but that doesn't mean there is nowhere to buy it. Help us to make the market more competent and fair with prices and committed to change.