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How can the type of intimate apparel we wear affect us?

by Jessica Soto on Mar 27, 2023

How can the type of intimate apparel we wear affect us? - Maathai Organic
Stop taking everything for granted
Sometimes we take a lot of things for granted, such as knowing that new books have a particular smell and that many may like it, but have we ever wondered what makes them smell so nice?

Exactly, most of us don't know, but we enjoy it nonetheless. With the above, I mean that sometimes we are so used to certain things or situations that we do not manage to dimension What is behind it? or (it may also be that we dedicate our time and attention to other things and this kind of explanations or knowledge seem irrelevant to us), but...

Did you know what your underwear is made of?

Check the labels! and if you can, investigate further.
Sometimes it's not enough to just look at the label (if we do that at all). Many times we don't even understand what the type of material that makes up our clothes and appears on those labels means.

Well... To sum it up: Most of them are synthetic materials and plastic derivatives or, failing that, pure plastic! unless it clearly says: Cotton or cotton.

Which brings me to my second thought: Your vagina is not breathing as it would and should.

Do you want to give it a break?
For starters, you need to know that most vaginal infections are due to changes in the microbiota of your intimate area and are usually caused by wearing inadequate underwear, i.e. clothes that retain moisture and do not let your vagina perspire.

In short, do not put plastic or synthetic fabrics in your vagina. Instead, use more natural and breathable materials, such as organic cotton and hemp.

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