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How should women's underwear be washed to avoid infection?

by Jessica Soto on Mar 27, 2023

How should women's underwear be washed to avoid infection? - Maathai Organic

As we know everything that has contact with our vagina can be a factor that can put our intimate health out of balance, for example: the type of underwear, soaps, creams, wipes, scented paper and in this case even how you wash your underwear.

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid infection due to poorly washed underwear.

Take note and do it, your vagina will thank you.

Hand washing
If you are one of those who take advantage of your daily shower to wash your panties, you are one of mine. I remember once when I was a child that the doctor recommended me to bathe my intimate area with a soap that only I would use and at the same time use it to wash my underwear with it, this in order not to affect the pH of my intimate area.

Therefore, it is recommended that you wash your underwear by hand and with the same soap with which you bathe your vulva, not to mention that you should let your panties dry on the clothesline and in a place where air enters.

On the contrary, avoid at all costs to let them dry inside the bathroom, because there is a lot of moisture there and could increase the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in your panties, it is not recommended to use dryer when it comes to underwear, because it could leave traces of moisture and at the same time spread bacteria to the other clothes.

In the washing machine

On the other hand, if you are one of those who do not have time to wash your underwear by hand and / or it is difficult for any reason to do so, relax.

As long as you don't put your underwear together with your other outerwear. Well, they could have contact with bacteria that you pick up daily and even more if they are the clothes you normally go out with. Likewise, avoid at all costs washing your underwear together with outerwear, since bacteria and fungi can also be mixed.

Additionally, try to use only soap powder, without perfumed softeners, as these can affect the pH of the vagina and alter the vaginal microbiota, which can lead to vaginal infections.

Remember that it is necessary to visit your gynecologist in case you have a vaginal infection, also that intimate health is not only in not having infections there, but also includes a good relationship with your vulva.

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