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Ways we call our underwear

by Jessica Soto on Mar 27, 2023

Ways we call our underwear - Maathai Organic

From loincloths to thongs...

It is very interesting how one of the first garments to be used by the human being, are those that have to do with protecting their intimate zone, in this case: The loincloths as underwear.

But even more interesting is to see how this garment has evolved over the years, we no longer need animal skin to protect this area, but with a little piece of tiny fabric, in this case a thong, the need to cover and protect is solved.

The underwear has accompanied the human being more than any other garment, in all civilizations of the planet, traces of these gadgets have been evidenced, both in women and men, that is why the name that is designated to this garment varies so much from country to country.

A tour through Latin America and Spain to see the variety of names of these garments.

Before the arrival of the Spaniards to America, our indigenous people wore their loincloths (today there are tribes that still do so) which were simple, plain and functional.

Some time later, the Spaniards found so much "nudity" a little uncomfortable and since they already had much more clothing, they began to introduce what was called "Bragas" (panties).

At that time, panties was the name given to men's clothing (as a type of long pants and bloomers) and eventually became the reference for women's underwear. And to this multiple names were added for the same thing, here they are:

In the region of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay they are called:
Bombachas, bombachitas, the culotte, the vedetina, the trusa, the bombachón, the thong, the colaless, the dental floss or the concher.

In Bolivia and Peru: Calzón or trusa.

Chile: Calzón, calzones, cuadros, churrines and again colaless.

In Colombia (as well as in Spain) the term panties is used, they are the only Spanish-speaking countries that use this term, additionally in this country there are also names for underwear such as: Cucos, calzones, pantaletas, panties, cacheteros, thong, or dental floss.

In Mexico: Calzones, chones, choninos, cages or pantalettes, thong.

In the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries, these names are repeated to refer to the same thing: underwear.

Which of these names did you like the most? Probably when you travel and they talk to you about underwear and tell you any of these names, you will know what they mean.