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What is the best soap to wash my underwear?

by Jessica Soto on Aug 22, 2022

What is the best soap to wash my underwear? - Maathai

I'll answer very easily: Your intimate soap, the one you shower with every day.

The pH must always be balanced

During the process of maintaining intimate hygiene habits, washing your vagina is important and the type of soap with which you do it, in this case the use of one with neutral pH is included, so it is recommended to wash your underwear with this same soap, so that there are no changes in your vaginal pH. 

As we have been talking about, the change in pH can cause a possible infection by fungi or bacteria. For this reason it is ideal to wash these garments with your daily intimate soap.


Products with a lot of chemicals can remain in the clothes

Just as you read it, the chemicals that already come in the fabrics of underwear can cause irritation and vaginal infections, to this add the chemicals in the soaps of outerwear, can also generate such problems, since the intimate area is very delicate.

Clearly it is easier to wash our underwear with soaps that are made for outerwear, but this does not guarantee that when washed they are free of certain chemicals and strong substances used to remove dirt.

This is the case of using highly perfumed liquid soaps and softeners, these contain chemicals to remove dirt (enzymes) and at the same time chemicals to scent the clothes with fragrances that can cause irritation and allergies in the vagina.

The aforementioned products are classified as toxic by the European Chemical Agency, as most of them contain isothiazolines, which are biocides but can cause long-term health problems.

Additionally, the use of these elements in the washing process of your underwear causes some damage to the ocean and marine fauna.