The Maathai Organic Company in compliance with its reason for being "Design and production of women's clothing that protects the skin and contributes to the conservation of the environment"; manages its processes based on the PHVA (Plan, Do, Verify and Act) continuous improvement methodology, seeking to strengthen their efficiency and effectiveness to ensure continuity and sustainability for the benefit of stakeholders; within this context it undertakes to:

1. Continuously improve the performance of the quality management system to:

To offer articles of the highest quality that collaborate both in their manufacture and through their use in the sustainable development of our society.
Meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders.
Improve process performance.
Provide well-being to our collaborators, who with love and dedication make our products.
2. Manage the risks and opportunities generated by external and internal issues and aligned with the interested parties to strengthen the management capacity for the benefit of the results of the quality management system.

Comply with legal requirements and others that apply to our product and service.
Comply with the strategic plans established by the Company, based on its objectives.
Promote the development of an organizational culture characterized by its corporate values, the participation of our collaborators, teamwork and the innovation model.

Reference documents:

Standards: ISO 9001:2015 numeral 5.2