Hey! We are Jessi & Magnu, together we protect the intimate health of women through products that give them greater peace of mind and comfort in their day to day.


We adapt to the natural shapes of the body where we make garments to last over time.


The way we work with our collaborators is associated with a model of fair trade & Happy culture.

Materials & Quality

We use supplies certified by international standards that guarantee us ecological and social criteria.


Our packaging is made of unglazed paper, 100% reed and 0% bleaching chemicals. In 180 days they decompose.

Our creed

Our inspiration

Our brand is born from the legacy that Wangari Maathai left with the purpose of empowering women in the world to overcome their cycle of poverty and fulfill the vision “Opportunities for all”.

We do this because we believe that together we can make small actions reflected in important changes for the future. Most significantly, we believe that companies have the opportunity to influence real and meaningful change.

Como lo hacemos

Glocal is better

We believe like you in the power of small actions that are reflected in important changes for the future. For this reason, we support the “GLOCAL” fashion concept.

We offer you small collections made with the best talent made in Colombia where we strive to make a fair payment to all the collaborators who make our garments with hands and love.


Made in

The cotton that you and I trust.

Currently almost 75% of all women have had at least one fungal infection in our lives, one of the causes is in the synthetic materials that we use in underwear.

Organic cotton

  • Optimal use of natural resources
  • No synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used
  • Organic food is obtained while preserving the fertility of the land
  • It has been grown in good conditions for workers

Conventional Cotton

  • Chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides are used for faster crop growth.
  • 3% of agricultural workers in cotton fields suffer some chemical poisoning
  • It destroys microbes and bacteria in the soil therefore the soil loses its ability to absorb carbon from the air or rainwater
  • 2,700 liters of water are needed to produce a single cotton garment

Frequent questions

How much of the cotton in the world is organic?

Based on information from the 2015/16 harvest, a total of 107,980 metric tons of fiber were produced in 18 countries. Comparing this with 21 million metric tons of conventional cotton assumes that only 0.51% of world cotton production is organic.

Is organic cotton better for me?

There is no evidence that textiles made from organic cotton are better for health. What we do know is that there are significant differences between organic and conventional cotton in terms of how it is grown, without the use of toxic chemicals, which negatively impact both land, water and farmers.

How to combat pests in crops?

Organic farmers use their knowledge of the local ecology to carefully plan their pest control strategy. For example, including trap crops to divert insects to these instead of going to cotton or the application of natural pesticides such as Neem (Indian tree). Another method is to favor the use of natural enemies of these pests such as birds, ladybugs, beetles, spiders, parasitic wasps or ants that are provided with a habitat that helps them live. Having healthy soil also helps prevent pests or diseases from spreading.

How much water does organic cotton consume?

The results of a recent life cycle analysis of organic cotton show that water consumption in organic cotton is 91% lower than in conventional cotton (183m3 / 1000kg of fiber versus 2,120m2). The reason is that organic cotton is hardly irrigated since it is grown in areas with sufficient rainfall. Another reason is that the greater presence of organic matter in the soil makes it retain much more moisture. Research shows that soil rich in organic matter holds up to 30% more water.

By TextileExchange.org

Maathai Organic commitment for the Planet

Buscamos personas de todo el mundo que creen en nuestra filosofía y así demostrar que podemos crear soluciones a través de acciones responsables y honestas. .

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