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Our New Waterproof Bag Is Now On Sale!



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Waterproof & Resilient

Made to resist extreme weather, you can rest easy knowing your baggage is dry with this bag

Built-in Bag Lock

Keep your baggage secure anywhere you travel, near or far

Environment Friendly

Our bag is hand-sewn and made entirely of biodegradable materials, keeping nature healthy

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Check Out Our Bag In Real Life

Comfortable, resilient, and better looking than your other backpack

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Hear From Fellow Travellers

They walked through wind and rain with our bag, and have something you should know

“This bag is a gift! Had to walk three blocks through the rain, I was soaked, but everything inside made it safe”



“I trekked through four countries in seven weeks and never had my back bother me once, this is a keeper”



"I was looking for a backpack that's comfortable, fashionable and good for any weather. That search is now happily over"

Diane Griffiths

All-Weather Backpack

Wherever you travel, in any weather, we got your back

Built-in Lock

Keeping your baggage safe and secure

Comfortable Anywhere

Highly adjustable to your preferences, sparing you of back pains

Green Product

Our materials and production processes are emission free, keeping nature healthy for your next trip

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