Our History

Always have been passionate about nature, especially for the trees, so our brand is named Maathai in honor of Wangari Maathai Kenyan political activist and environmentalist Kũkũy et ethnic group and the first African woman to receive the Nobel Prize Peace in 2004 for "its contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace Founded in 2016 Maathai Organic associates the sale of each product with an environmental or social action, we donate a percentage to our movement #purocorazon, together we contribute to our planet.

Our Inspiration

Inspired by the softness and comfort of the cotton we create a feminine intimate line with one of the finest and special fibers of the world, the organic pima cotton, which by its properties provides a unique shine and softness. This cotton is grown in the fertile valleys of Peru free of all types of pesticides and chemicals that may affect the health of the farmers who grow it.

¿Where does magic happen?

The way we do things makes the difference!

Each product is made by single mothers, all our clothing is made in Colombia, many of these families benefit because our partners offer fair trade practices for the elaboration of each garment, which means a fair compensation.

The way we do things makes the difference!

Packaging and Labels: Our packaging is made of natural fibers, and our labels are made of a special fiber that after use can be planted and made into a beautiful flower!

Remember that even the smallest of actions vibrate with the universe!